It's important for Turning Point Revision to approach each therapy service with empathy, understanding, and a commitment to the individualized needs of their clients. Additionally, incorporating evidence-based therapeutic techniques and staying updated on the latest research in mental health can enhance the effectiveness of their services.


Family Therapy

Family therapy is a cooperative and comprehensive method for addressing interpersonal dynamics and conflicts within a family. This therapeutic approach engages all family members to improve communication, resolve conflicts, and cultivate healthier relationships. It goes beyond individual concerns to explore how family patterns and interactions influence overall well-being. By creating a supportive and open environment, family therapy aims to ensure that each member feels heard, promoting a shared understanding and enabling positive changes that contribute to the overall harmony and resilience of the family unit.


Individual Therapy:

  • Personal Growth Sessions: Tailored one-on-one sessions aimed at fostering personal awareness, self-discovery, and growth.
  • Coping Strategies: Providing individuals with tools and coping mechanisms to navigate life's challenges and overcome obstacles.
  • Emotional Wellness Coaching: Support for managing stress, anxiety, and other emotional challenges through coaching and therapeutic techniques.

Group Therapy:

  • Support Groups: Creating a safe and supportive environment for individuals facing similar challenges to share experiences and learn from one another.
  • Skill-Building Workshops: Conducting group workshops to develop essential life skills, enhance communication, and promote personal development.
  • Community-Building Events: Organizing events that bring people together, fostering a sense of belonging and connection.

Couples Therapy:

  • Relationship Building: Helping couples strengthen their bond, improve communication, and deepen their connection.
  • Conflict Resolution: Providing tools and strategies for resolving conflicts and fostering a healthier relationship dynamic.
  • Pre-Marital Counseling: Guidance for couples planning to get married, addressing potential challenges and establishing a strong foundation.

Grief Therapy:

  • Grief Counseling: Supporting individuals through the grieving process, offering a safe space to express emotions and find healing.
  • Memorial Services: Facilitating memorial events or rituals to honor and remember lost loved ones.
  • Grief Support Groups: Creating a community for individuals experiencing grief to share their stories and support one another.

Art Therapy

  • Creative Expression Workshops: Utilizing art as a therapeutic tool for self-expression and healing.

  • Emotional Processing: Using art therapy to help individuals explore and process emotions in a supportive environment.

  • Group Art Sessions: Facilitating group art sessions to foster a sense of community and connection.

Violence Prevention:

  • Educational Programs: Conducting workshops and awareness campaigns on violence prevention and conflict resolution.
  • Counseling Services: Providing support for individuals who have experienced or are at risk of violence, including trauma-informed care.
  • Community Outreach: Engaging with the community to raise awareness and promote a culture of non-violence.

Crisis Intervention:

  • Emergency Response Planning: Developing plans to address potential crises, ensuring individuals have the necessary support during challenging times.
  • 24/7 Support: Offering availability for crisis intervention and support outside regular office hours.